Two century journey with a commitment to high
quality and excellence.


Ghraoui chocolate is going for a rebirth once again from Budapest, opening a new page in its story.

Our first boutique is in Andrássy, in the heart of Budapest. An avenue, which was listed as world heritage by UNESCO in 2002, a symbol that holds all the meaning of our story.


Discover our wide selection of chocolates and confectionaries.


Ghraoui is the name of a deep-routed Damascene merchant family with a business established since 1805.
During all its history, Ghraoui was associated with quality and excellence despite the political turmoil and hardship that accompanied its long journey, the Ghraoui success and legacy was carried on from one Ghraoui generation to the next.


A custom shade of an orange color created for us by our long-term boxes manufacturer since 1931, a dynamic color expressing our constant search of moving forward, with a hazy image of our flower “rose de Damas” contouring our logo as a protector of our deep routed damascene heritage.
Today we have introduced to our traditional orange a gold Sade that symbolizes our new home and brings in mind Vienna, Budapest, the Klimt era in arts.

Ghraoui taste

Giving attention to the smallest detail. Our work begins with the selection of the cacao bean from southern America and west Africa, then picking the finest almonds, nuts and pistachios and gathering the most delicious Levant famous Fruits: Apricots, Pears and Oranges. Ghraoui is famous for exclusively using natural raw materials without any added artificial flavors, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.

We are constantly working to create new harmonious flavors to be inclusive to our private collection.