For two centuries Ghraoui has been committed to high quality and excellence.

Mother’s Day

On 2nd May, surprise your mother with hand-painted chocolate specialties made of 100% natural ingredients!


Discover our wide selection of chocolates and confectionaries.


Today, Ghraoui is relaunching.
Another page has been turned in Ghraoui’s history: our chocolate is reborn once more, this time in Budapest.
With a dedication to high quality and excellence for over two centuries, GHRAOUI has accumulated an exceptional expertise about making exquisite artisan chocolate and confectionary products, the GHRAOUI team is proud to introduce a wide selection of delicacies.
Our first boutique is on Andrássy Avenue, in the heart of Budapest. The avenue was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2002, making it a choice that complements our story perfectly.


The Ghraoui name is the legacy of an ancient Damascene trading family that established its business in 1805. The Ghraoui brand has always been associated with high quality and excellence despite the political hardship that plagued its history, the Ghraoui success and legacy was passed down from one Ghraoui generation to the next.


The radiant orange colour expresses the light that shines from within, a reminder of how we constantly strive to develop dynamically, while the faint image of the ‘La Rose de Damas’ contours our logo as a protector of our ancient Damascene heritage.
In addition to our characteristic orange colour, we are introducing the unique shade of gold, that reflects power, luxury and symbolises our new home in Budapest, bringing to mind Vienna, Budapest itself and the Klimt era of the arts.


Our products are made with the utmost attention to every detail. Our work begins with the selection of cocoa beans from South America and West Africa; following that, the search for the finest quality almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios begins, then finally Levant’s famous fruits are gathered up: apricots, tangerines and oranges. Ghraoui is famous for exclusively using natural ingredients to make its products, with no artificial flavours, preservatives or saturated fats. We are constantly striving to expand our exclusive repertoire with new, harmonious flavours.