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It’s hard to imagine anything more fragile than a Ghraoui chocolate creation: such as the delicate hand-painted violin or autumn leaves which seem ready to snap off at the slightest touch. And yet the family that makes them have withstood almost 200 years of challenges with an extraordinary fortitude in their ride from extreme success to utmost adversity.

Christmas collection

You will find a wide selection of our splendid Christmas collection at our store on Andrássy avenue. Discover the perfect gift for your loved ones from our hand-painted chocolates made with 100% natural ingredients.

Gala Dinner

Another page has been turned in Ghraoui’s history: our company is reborn once more, this time in Budapest.
The tools of manufacturing are all set, the know-how is proven by the awards and gold medals from New York to Paris. The long-time partners of Ghraoui are ready. The new Hungarian team is eager to meet your high expectations with our exquisite chocolate collection.
We held our Gala Dinner in the Museum of Applied Arts to celebrate the beginning this new chapter of our story.